фасад как цветник, Pines Gardens

вот какое интересное решение нам попалось в Пайнес Гарденс, парке, разбитом рядом с St Margarets Bay, Англия: gb-pine-garden-leo

Это фасад на земле! Было старинное здание, восстановлению, по какой-то причине, не подлежало, тогда его фасад аккуратно разобрали и выложили на земле!

вот что там написано на «входе» ‘This handsome facade of an important City Mansion which was erected in 1669 following the Great Fire of 1666, stood a few doors east of Queen Street and here it is said that Sir William Turner kept his mayorality in 1668-9. It was occupied later by Mr Thomas Tegg, the bookseller. A view of this house drawn by T. H. Shepherd in about 1830 is illustrated in a number of books on the City of London. The house was demolished in the 1920s. Since the the facade has been housed in various places and efforts to reconstruct it have proved unsuccessful. The elevation which was the upper part of 73 Cheapside was offered to the Trustees in 1975 who decided to lay it out in the Pines Gardens rather than see the destruction of this fine facade’.

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